Remember when?

Remember When


Remember when you said I love you?

Remember the heavy silence between us?

My face was hot

and I told you I wouldn’t say ‘I love you’ unless it was true.


Remember when I told you I didn’t know how love felt?

Remember when you explained how you felt about me?

I smiled

and you thought it was for you.

But I was thinking of his goofy grin

and the way his tongue falls between his teeth when he’s confused.


Guess I was in love after all.







2018 rolled in pretty nonchalantly and although I’m not one for resolutions I’ve kinda been in a “New Year New Me” mode. Except it’s now February and spoiler alert, I’m the same person.

I want to be more positive, I want to make a change, and most importantly, I want to reach out to more people.

I want to promote self-love and self-care.

Let’s see how this goes.